Alumni Potpourri - September 2011

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News from August & September

The 2011 national Kappa Epsilon convention was held Phoenix in August. Cathy Cantini (BSPharm 1984) remains active in KE and served as convention chair. Cantini and fellow COP alumnae Sunny Munger (PharmD 1998) and Janet Henglefelt (BSPharm 1980), along with several other KE alumni residing in the Phoenix area, represented the Phoenix KE alumni chapter. Metta Lou Henderson (BPharm 1961, MSPharm 1966, PhD 1978) has remained active in KE throughout her career and was part of the program.

Amanda Baker (PhD 1997, PharmD 2000) has received a pilot project grant from the Better Than Ever program at the University of Arizona Cancer Center to investigate hypoxia in ovarian cancer, which has not been widely studied. To learn more about Baker, see our story from earlier this year.

older manCongrats to Charles Kendrick (BSPharm1955), whose daughter opened Mr. K’s Barbeque in his honor Aug. 15. The new Mr. K’s restaurant is at North Stone Avenue and River Road in Tucson.  Wildcat spirit abounds at the foodstop: the new restaurant hosted preview parties Aug. 13 and 14 to raise money for COP’s Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center and Tucson firefighters, and it will cater the College of Pharmacy's Homecoming Saturday menu Nov. 5.

Kendrick, who practiced pharmacy at the former Kino Hospital for many years, opened a small BBQ eatery in Tucson in the late 1990s. That restaurant, now managed by his son and also called Mr. K's, remains in operation as well. Be sure to sample the delicious Mr. K's eats - either this year at Homecoming or at one of the Tucson restaurants.

Carl Petersen (PharmD 2003) and his family dropped by the college for a visit in early August. Petersen is now a staff pharmacist at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nev. Thanks to the Petersens for the generous gift they presented before returning home to that other desert city.

Michael Weintraub (BSPharm 1980) writes that he left Wolters Kluwer Health (formerly Pharmaceutical Data Services, Walsh America/Source Informatics and NDC Health) in 2006 to start his own company, Medicx Media Solutions. "Our primary business is direct-to-consumer marketing and media solutions. We work with companies like Yahoo and partner with companies like Google to help pharma reach appropriate audiences," Weintraub says. "Believe or not, statistics and pharmacy go hand in hand in our business. Go figure!. We survived 2007 and have been growing steadily ever since. We are based in Scottsdale with offices in Chicago and Toronto.  Check out our website."

Members of the Class of 1950 remain a close-knit group. Marty Ronstadt compiles a newsletter annually for the  classmates. Here are some of the updates.

  • Ronstadt had knee replacement surgery in May. He and his wife, Babs, took a weeklong Mexican Riviera cruise this year.
  • Norvil Puckett recently lost his wife, but recalls the wonderful times they both had at their class reunions in Tucson.
  • Bob Thomas still works one day a week at Walmart. He and his wife, Mert, are doing okay but will not likely travel to Tucson from Alabama anymore.
  • Gene Thompson and wife, Charlotte, are in good health. They reside in Green Valley, Ariz.
  • Earl Palmer is now in an assisted living facility in Mesa, Ariz. His daughter lives close by.
  • Joe Mendez continues to do well at 91. He and wife, Aida, live in Pinetop, Ariz., during the summer but return to Tucson for UA football. They celebrated 60 years of marriage this year.
  • Joe Ivey and wife, Carmen, recently returned to Prescott, Ariz., after an Alaskan cruise. Joe has recovered from some health problems and is doing well for 88.

The class of 1950 are role models for all alumni!

young womanAnna Bice (PharmD 2008) has been working for Target Pharmacy since graduation and says “I absolutely love it there!” She is staff at the Greatland Target on Old Spanish Trail in Tucson and is currently the intern captain for her district. In this role, she helps new preceptors get signed up with the UA and State Board of Pharmacy, keeps track of current interns, and interacts with the college during recruiting events. Outside of work, Bice enjoys being outdoors, scrapbooking, and letting her two adorable dogs distract her from getting things done.

Alumni Kristin Calabro (PharmD 2010) and Bob Lipsy (BSPharm 1976) recently returned to the College of Pharmacy as employees in the Medication Management Center. They are medication management  specialists.  Welcome back, PharmCats!

Receiving recognition from the college's graduate program this month were two alumni. Poonam Sheth (PharmD 2010), was honored for academic excellence in the pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics graduate track, while Eleanor Olvey (PharmD 2006) was lauded for academic excellence in pharmaceutical economics, policy, and outcomes track.

Lucy Chemodurow and Shanna Christensen (both PharmD 2010) are co-authors of an original research paper published in Pharmacy Practice. Other authors on the study were Edward Armstrong, professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science, and E. Suzanne Johnson, one of the college’s preceptors and pharmacy clinical coordinator at Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tucson.

Brittany Traylor and Allison George (both PharmD 2010) are PGY2 residents at the University of Arizona Medical Center - University Campus (the new name for University Medical Center). Part of their duties include delivering continuing education presentations for fellow residents, faculty and pharmacy staff. In September, Traylor presented “Factor Products and Their Use in Patients with Hemophilia” while George discussed BK virus, a human polyomavirus that can cause illness in immunosuppressed patients.

John Musil, PharmD 1994, has been named CEO of the Year by the Phoenix Business Journal. Musil is founder and owner of The Apothecary Shops, a national specialty pharmacy group of 17 stores in Arizona and six other states. Musil is also a member of the college's National Advisory Board. In the Business Journal article, Musil says that stopping daily interaction with patients to expand and lead his business was a hard decision. The best piece of advice he's been given: Figure out what you don’t want to do and don’t do it. Watch Musil discuss his business on this award video.

Grace Hunt Milota (BSPharm 1956) writes to say she keeps in touch with former classmates Wes Anderson and Dick Glassock, and that doing so for 55 years has been great. She adds, "Our professors were the best at getting us focused on achieving our goals. What was great about the school then [was] we had personal contact with the professors through school events and even in class. The college has come a long way and we hope that some of the personal contact remains."

Yvonne Anderson Windham (BSPharm 1952) was one of just three women in her graduating class. Most of the male students were returning veterans.  She writes that classmate Lorraine Proctor Gibbons Anderson died recently, leaving Windham and Frances McKinney Duncan as the two surviving "girls" from 1952.

Lindsey Hall (PharmD 2011) is the college's most recent recipient of the annual Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award. Mylan Pharmaceuticals presents this award to the top student from nearly every school of college of pharmacy in the United States.

drawing of mobile phoneTwenty-four devoted COP alumni took time from their busy schedules to help get our newest PharmD students off to a great start this semester. Alumni making phone calls to welcome the incoming class to the college were: Mark Alden (1983), Nancy Alvarez (1992), Keith Boesen (2002), Kevin Boesen (1996); Kelly Boesen (2000), Lara Frick (2007), Edward Gatti (1965), Amy Grizzle (1990), Denise Holzman (1986), Bill Jones (1972), Cathy Kelley (1989), Dawn Sullivan (1995), Chris Sullivan (1995), Jim Martin (1980), Michelle Bonnarens (1997), Mahendra Patel (2002), Danielle Russell (2009), Bruce Schrader (1979), Allen Scorsatto (1970), Brittany Traylor (2010), Hal Wand (1979), Marilyn Wand (1974), Anthony Webber (1995) and Eric Weber (1995).








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