Academic Advising

Academic advisors are your go-to resource for successfully navigating your undergraduate career. An academic advisor can help you explore academic and professional options, connect with resources across campus, and develop a course plan that will allow you to progress toward graduation.

Academic Advisor 
Rebecca Field
Academic Coordinator, Undergraduate Studies
Academic Advisor for Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pre-Pharmaceutical Sciences Majors
Drachman Hall room B107
Current UA students may schedule an advising appointment online!  
Prospective students may call or email to set up an appointment.

Other Advising Services

Pre-Health Advising

Advisors from the Pre-Health Advising Office can help you explore career paths in the health professions and ensure that you are on track for professional program admission. They advise students who are interested pursuing careers in medicine, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, physician’s assistance, etc. Your Pharmaceutical Sciences major advisor can make sure you are on track with basic academic requirements for your professional program of choice, but a Pre-Health Advisor will be able to connect you with numerous additional resources and opportunities.

UA PharmD Advising

If you are interested in pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD), you can meet directly with staff from our PharmD admissions and recruitment team. Your Pharmaceutical Sciences major academic advisor can make sure you are on track with academic requirements for PharmD program admission, but a UA PharmD admissions/recruitment staff member will be able to provide more specific advice about the professional program and admission process. Prospective UA PharmD students are also encouraged to join the Pre-Pharmacy Club.

Other UA Academic Advisors 

If you are interested in exploring options for a minor or double major, you may meet with an advisor in that program. You can access contact info for all advisors on campus at the Advising Resource Center.

Academic resources

Undergraduate Academic Catalog

All university policies are outlined in the academic catalog. Your advisor can help you navigate the catalog, but you are ultimately responsible for understanding university policies and how they impact your academic career. BSPS students should also be aware of other pharmacy-specific policies and processes.

Calendar of Dates and Deadlines

Almost all academic actions are tied to a specific deadline. If you are interested in dropping a class, registering for the upcoming semester, or applying for graduation, there is a deadline that you need to meet. Check the official UA Calendar of Dates and Deadlines to see upcoming deadlines, and talk to your academic advisor with any questions.

Tutoring/Study Groups/Writing Support

The UA Think Tank provides free drop-in tutoring, writing assistance, and supplemental instruction for popular UA courses. Use Think Tank Resources early in the semester in order to stay on track with your coursework. These services aren’t just for students who are struggling! The Think Tank can also connect students with fee-based individualized tutoring, exam prep courses, and specialized workshops.