Admission Requirements

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To qualify for admission to the PharmD program at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, a Standard Path applicant for fall admissions must complete the following requirements.

International students may be admitted through the Standard Path to pursue a PharmD degree if all prerequisite coursework necessary for admission is from an accredited college or university in the United States. International students who have completed coursework outside of the United States may qualify to apply for PharmD admission through the International Pharmacist Path.

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Competition for admission to colleges of pharmacies has increased nationwide; therefore, we no longer suggest trying to complete prerequisite coursework in a two-year time period. Rather, we advise that you take more time so that you can do as well as possible on all required courses. 

The Admissions Committee invites candidates to interview based upon:
  • Competitive science GPA (minimum preferred 3.0 in the 10 sciences to apply)
  • PCAT score
  • At least 50 hours of relevant work or volunteer experience
  • Two strong recommendations
  • Community involvement


There are 10 required non-sciences and 10 sciences. All required science courses must be taken with a corresponding lab.

If you are a UA undergraduate student, View Prerequisite Course Guide
If you are a student from community colleges or other universities, View Course Equivalency Guidelines

A full academic year of coursework in each of the following
  • English Composition
  • General Chemistry
  • General Biology
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Traditions & Culture (TRAD for UA students or Humanities for non-UA)
  • Individuals & Societies (INDV for UA students or Social Sciences for non-UA)
  • Organic Chemistry
One course in each of the following
  • Calculus
  • Microbiology
  • Micro/Macroeconomics
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Tier Two Arts (Fine Arts or Literature for non-UA)

Unit Requirements

Once admitted to the College of Pharmacy, you must have 72 units of college coursework completed by June 1 of the admission year and have a 3.0 minimum preferred cumulative GPA. There is also a minimum of 90 units required by June 1st to be eligible to receive Federal financial aid. This may include AP, IB and CLEP units.

Relevant Experience

The admissions committee looks for evidence that those applying to the PharmD program are acquainted with the field of pharmacy and what it means to be a health care professional. To apply, a candidate for admission must provide evidence of 50 or more hours (at the time of application) of paid and/or volunteer experience in a pharmacy-related setting, under a pharmacist's supervision.

This experience may be in a traditional pharmacy setting, such as a community pharmacy or a hospital pharmacy unit. Or it may be working with medication policy in a regulatory agency, employment in pharmaceutical sales, volunteering at a poison control center or experience as a pharmacy technician. There are many possible types of experiences to meet this criterion.

The admissions committee also evaluates applicants on community service and involvement, extracurricular activities and oral and written communications skills.


The UA College of Pharmacy PCAT school code is 003.

The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is required for admission to the PharmD program at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy and other U.S. colleges of pharmacy.

The PCAT is a specialized test that measures general academic ability and scientific knowledge necessary for the commencement of pharmaceutical education. The PCAT is constructed specifically for colleges of pharmacy. It is administered in a computer-based test format. Go to the PCAT website to learn more about the test, preparing for it and registering to take it.

We recommend taking the Pearson online practice PCAT exam before taking the PCAT. The practice test simulates the actual exam. 

The PCAT is administered several times a year and in locations throughout the world. It is recommended applicants to the UA College of Pharmacy take the PCAT no later than November of the year previous to admission.  January Preliminary test scores can be used for admission, but an applicant cannot be invited to interview until PCAT scores are submitted.  UA COP admits PharmD students for Fall Semester Only. (For example, for Fall 2019 admission, the PCAT must be taken no later than November 2018; the January 2019 Preliminary scores can be used for Fall 2019 admission. Please note: your application cannot be reviewed until PCAT scores are submitted.

Physics and ecology-based biology are not on the PCAT. Even though these courses are required for admission, we suggest you take general chemistry, some organic chemistry, general cell-based biology, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, math up through calculus and statistics before you take the PCAT.

A PCAT test score used for admission may not be more than two years old. If you take the PCAT more than once, the admissions committee will evaluate your highest score.

Additional Information

Important News!

The College of Pharmacy is transitioning to the PharmCAS application this Spring for students seeking acceptance to the PharmD for Fall 2019. The PharmCAS application opens on July 18, 2018. Early admission deadline is September 4, 2018, and students must take the July 11 or 18, 2018 PCAT exam to be eligible to apply for early admission. The deadline to apply is February 1, 2019.

  • Applicants entering the college in the fall must have all requirements completed by June 1 (exceptions can be made for quarter-system schools).
  • Students are not eligible to begin the professional (PharmD) curriculum without successfully completing all prepharmacy requirements with a "C" grade or better. It is preferred a candidate's cumulative GPA be a minimum 3.0 or higher. It is also preferred a candidate have a minimum 3.0 science (40 units required) GPA to apply.
  • Prerequisite courses completed more than seven years before matriculation into the PharmD program may expire and need to be repeated prior to admission. 
  • Upper division chemistry and biology courses may be accepted to meet general chemistry and biology requirements with admissions staff approval.
  • Although international students may apply, coursework required for admission to the college must be completed at an accredited college or university in the United States, or student must have earned a Bachelor of Pharmacy from another country.
  • Advanced Placement Examinations (AP) International Baccalaureate (IB), or College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) for college credit is acceptable for non-science prerequiiste requirements and for physics.   AP, IB, and CLEP credit will not be accepted to fulfill other science prerequisite requirements.
  • Pass/no-pass credit will not be accepted.
  • Applicants must be in good standing at the University of Arizona or be eligible for matriculation to the university including two semesters of English composition. If you have an undergraduate degree from another school and have not completed two semesters of English composition, you must have your English coursework approved by the English Composition Department at the University of Arizona.
  • A second language is not required, but you may take two semesters of a language to meet one social science (INDV) requirement, or test higher into a language (ex. 102, 201) and take one semester of a language. Language courses alone cannot meet two social science (INDV) requirements.