Program Tracks

The UA College of Pharmacy offers graduate programs in four research tracks. Students seeking a graduate degree from the UA College of Pharmacy may choose to study one of the four research tracks, which are briefly described below. 

Drug Discovery & Development

This track teaches the researcher to use cutting-edge technology to create new agents for specific biological targets. The college is admitting only students seeking PhDs at this time.

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Pharmacology & Toxicology

This track teaches students to determine mechanisms of action for pharmaceuticals and identify adverse effects of chemicals such as drugs, industrial chemicals and environmental pollutants. The college is admitting only students seeking PhDs; we currently are not accepting applications for MS degrees.


Pharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics

This track trains future scientists to create formulations to optimally control the bioavailability of pharmaceuticals. The college is admitting only students seeking PhDs at this time. We are currently not accepting applications for Pharmacokinetics.


Health & Pharmaceutical Outcomes

This track trains the student to critically analyze the impact and outcomes of pharmaceutical products and services within health care systems. The college is admitting students seeking either an MS or a PhD degree.

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About Our Students

There are approximately 50-75 students total in all the graduate tracks at any given point in time. These numbers fluctuate with the size of the faculty and available funding.

Most MS students complete their degree in 2.5 years (five semesters). Most PhD students finish in about five years.

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