Cost and Financial Aid

Learn more about the costs of attending a graduate program at the UA College of Pharmacy and the financial support available to you.


Costs of attending a graduate program at the College of Pharmacy include registration fees and health insurance.

Registration Fees

For information on current registration fees, visit University of Arizona Fee and Rate Schedule
(select "graduate, regular")

Health Insurance Costs

Students must enroll for health insurance every semester through Student Link in order to take advantage of this benefit. For more information about fees and insurance, visit Campus Health

Financial Aid

Help with the costs of attending a graduate program at the UA College of Pharmacy is available from the UA, the College of Pharmacy and other funding agencies.

Aid from UA

For information about how to qualify and apply for funding from various University of Arizona organizations, see the following links:

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Graduate College Financial Resources
Graduate College Travel Grants

Graduate Appointments (Research Assistantships)

The UA College of Pharmacy offers financial aid in the form of graduate appointments and fellowships. Paid graduate appointments are available to the majority of PhD students admitted into College of Pharmacy graduate programs. There is limited funding for master’s degree students. All graduate appointments in the College of Pharmacy graduate programs are research assistantships. Tuition is waived for students who are employed by the University of Arizona as research assistants and they will receive a 100% refund of in-state registration fees paid. The college requires that PhD students who are on graduate appointments enroll for 13 units in each of the fall and spring semesters.

In addition, students receive a stipend to cover their living expenses. Current stipends are as follows:

  • Grad Assist I  = $21,500 - First-year students (prorated to their start date in mid-August)
  • Grad Assist II = $23,394 - Second-year student without prior master’s degree
  • Grad Assoc I  = $23,967 - Second-year student with prior master’s degree
  • Grad Assoc II = $24,438 - After student passes comprehensive exams


The following fellowships funded through the College of Pharmacy are available on a competitive basis.

Abraham & MacDonald Graduate Student International Research Award
Caldwell Health Sciences Research Fellowship
Hugh E. Laird II Memorial Fellowship Endowment
Joseph B. Ryan Memorial Fellowship Award
William & Betty Milleson Fink Graduate Student Fellowship
Yuma Friends of Arizona Health Sciences Fellowship

Aid from Other Funding Agencies

Students are encouraged to apply for funding from agencies outside the UA, including the following:

American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE)
Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS Foundation)
Arizona Chapter of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (AzHIMSS) Graduate Fellowship
National Science Foundation
Philanthropic Education Organization
Spencer Foundation
PhRMA Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowships