The UA College of Pharmacy has formal agreements with a number of international partners, including Costa Rica, Japan and Thailand. Information about each of these agreements appears below. 

Costa Rica

In 2010, the University of Arizona signed an International Memorandum of Agreement formalizing a partnership between The Universidad de Ciencias Médicas, San José (UCIMED) of Costa Rica and the UA colleges of pharmacy and medicine. The agreement facilitates, among other endeavors, short-term visits (rotations) of pharmacy and medical students and educators from The Universidad de Ciencias Médicas to the University of Arizona, and visits by UA faculty to the Costa Rican university.


Faculty collaborations with Japan started in the 1990s. Faculty from COP have visited Japan more than 40 times since 2000. The college participates in the Japan Ministry of Health-sponsored hospital pharmacy exchange program. Faculty from COP have visited many hospitals and universities in Japan, and the college has provided visiting professorships for Japanese faculty in the U.S.

The college has a special relationship with Kobe Gakuin University in Japan, which is a private school that typically has approximately 250 students per class. COP faculty teach pharmacotherapy topics and patient assessment skills to students.They also provide faculty development for KGU faculty, who number very few and who have very large teaching loads. Many of the KGU faculty have little ot no experience in clinical teaching. COP faculty provide small group discussions and rotation precepting.

Students and faculty from KGU have visited COP in Tucson several times, and plans are under way for COP students to visit KGU in the near future.


The UA College of Pharmacy is a charter member of the U.S.-Thai Pharmacy Consortium, which is a coalition of 15 U.S. pharmacy schools and all of the pharmacy schools in Thailand. The goal of the consortium is to advance pharmacy education and practice in Thailand. It is supported by the Pharmacy Education Consortium of Thailand, which is similar to the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education in the U.S.

The consortium provides education and training of Thai students and pharmacists in the U.S. Education includes PhD and PharmD programs and pharmacy residencies.

Consortium members meet every two years.

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